Moskito Pads

We are proud to produce quality cloth pads which provide a solution to period poverty in Tanzania. Young girls miss a lot of school days because they don’t have access to pads during their periods. We provide a solution that gives girls dignity and allows them to stay in school. Not only school girls benefit from the pads, but women as well; some prefer cloth, and many can’t afford to purchase pads every month.

We are now proud to offer two style of cloth pads, the Days for Girls, as well as our own design! 

These are made with PUL, cotton, and soft and absorbent cotton flannel. These are designed to be easy to wash and more importantly, to dry quickly!

A kit comes with 2 panty liners, 6 everyday pads, and 2 overnight pads. It also comes with a waterproof wet bag, and a ziplock wash bag.

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