TemboHeart Project Update

From Lynn Marlow @ TemboHeart Project:

I’m so happy to report that we have gone beyond our project goal for this year! Our first menstrual kit distribution and educational meeting took place September 9 at Osotwa Primary School at Endulen village and 43 girls are received their kits and education.The girls gathered in a classroom with the headmaster, teacher, my project partner Lemali Sabore and Dr. Mameso Frederick. During the two-hour meeting, they learned about female anatomy, the menstrual cycle, hygiene and health issues and received the kits which can last up to three years.Distributing kits at a primary school in this remote area is ideal because many Maasai girls begin school later and, by this age, have already started menstruating. The educational portion is especially important as it is not included in their curriculum and, for the girls boarding there, both education and supplies are not readily available. We are currently busy planning the next two meetings for October and November and will keep you updated as we go along. Thank you so much for your kindness and support! It means everything to these girls… and to TemboHeart.Photos:

1- Dr. Frederick uses the Days for Girls educational materials as she talks with the participants.

2- The doctor uses a hands-on teaching approach where she calls on a few different girls to demonstrate the new information.

3- She also asks a lot of questions to get the girls, who can be very shy, involved in the meeting.

4- One of my favorite sights — girls with their new kits!

5, 6- While the school is in a gorgeous setting, it’s very remote!

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