Zuri Pads

We are proud to now be producing 2 designs of pads; Days for Girls and Moskito Pads!

The Moskito line includes panty liners, everyday pads, and overnight/ super pads.

Deluxe Kit

We have seen how these are such a precious and beloved gift. Being both beautiful and intimate, the menstrual health kits allow girls to live with pride & dignity, and empower them to attend school and/ or work while having their period.

  • 2 underwear
  • washcloth
  • soap
  • ziplock wash bag
  • transport bag
  • drawstring backpack
  • 2 panty liners
  • 6 everyday pads
  • 2 overnight pads

“Complete” and “Mini” Kits also available!

These pads are designed to be beautiful, comfortable, dependable, durable, easy to wash, and fast to dry! They are made with bright coloured kitenge, waterproof PUL, and super soft and absorbent cotton flannel.

The absorbent core of these pads folds in and out to make it easier to wash and dry. The liner is made of a double layer of flannel; this means the overnight pad core is a full 8 layers of absorbent cotton. The everyday pad has 6, and the panty liner has just 1 layer of flannel.

Mini Kit
Complete Kit
Panty liner

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