Soap Accessories

Wood Soap Dish

Useful and economical. These are handmade by a local woodworker and do the job of holding your soap!

Natural Fibre Scrubby

Slip your soap inside and it makes an amazing lather with a mildly exfloliating sponge! It’s a perfect way to use up your soap slivers too!

Ceramic Soap Dish

Each one is uniquely handcrafted. They feature a dish below to keep your counter clean and soap dry. These are useful, bespoke and so stylish.

Volcano Pumice

This local pumice stone is made of volcanic ash. This naturally occurring rock is perfect for your pedicures, as it’s a powerful exfoliant.

Natural Loofah

This loofah grows on indigenous trees in Tanzania. A great exfoliating bath scrubby, works great in the shower or for your dishes. It comes from nature and goes back to nature as is 100% compostable/ biodegradable.

moskito handmade

Cosmetic Pouch

Perfect for storing your cosmetics and makeup either at home, or while traveling. These feature two compartments, wide toothed zippers, gorgeous kiting and waterproof liner.

Naturally Tanzanian

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